Make Your Own Rubber Buffers for Givi Top Box

I have a Givi Monokey top case on my motorcycle. At some point the rubber buffers (spacers) that fit in the mounting plate wore out, and my box would make pretty loud clunking noises when riding. Givi does make replacement buffers (part number Z126), but they don't sell them online and I could only find them on Ebay from international sellers.

I'd heard great things about Sugru, which is a kind of rubber that comes in a sealed packet, and air-cures after you mould it. It has tons of uses, and I figured it would be a good candidate for making my own buffers from scratch. You can get it on Amazon. The Sugru comes in individually sealed packets. I bought the Black/White, 8-Pack, which has 4 each of white and black ones, so I'd have some white Sugru for other purposes. But it comes in a Black 3 pack, which is cheaper:

Sugru did the job perfectly! One pack was enough for the two buffers that were missing. The box is totally secure, and the buffers look factory made. I don't have any photos of the steps, since the whole process took less than 5 minutes. Here's what I did:

  1. I washed my hands, per the instructions.
  2. I took half the packet and rolled it into a ball, then pinched one side of ball and rolled a little tail, so it looked a bit like a tadpole.
  3. Then I pushed the tail through the hole in the plate where the buffer was previously, and used my finger to spread the tail into a flange, which would secure it in the hole.
  4. I moulded the top part into a half-dome shape that was higher than I needed it to be.
  5. Cleaned the bottom of the top box (that would contact the buffers) with rubbing alcohol.
  6. I put the top box onto the plate, and lowered the back of it very, very slowly so that it just clicked into place. This squashed the soft buffer to the very highest point that it needed to be.
  7. Next I removed the box, and "plumped-up" the squashed buffers so they were a couple of millimeters taller than they needed to be. That way they'd be under pressure when the box was eventually mounted.
  8. I let the Sugru cure for 24 hrs, and then clipped the box on.

Here's the result; the two new buffers I made are circled in red:

Buffers made from Sugru